Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh My God. I'm Starting Another Blog!

Hi! If you're reading this, you probably know me already. You know, because I pretty much just started writing this right now and will post it on my facebook as soon as I am done. I've been writing a semi-feminist blog for a while now, and amazingly, I actually do have things to say about life that have nothing at all to do with my lady parts. Crazy, I know, right? However, most of these things have to do with deciding that a table full of my drunk friends really need to hear the story of Fatty Arbuckle! Or about how Joan Crawford didn't really beat her children! Or the plot of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!" starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt and the grasshopper that lived on Helen Hunt's head.

This will be a blog about that stuff. The stuff I have a tendency to over-investigate and over-think. I find it interesting, and perhaps you will agree with me. Perhaps you will not. I will tell you some stories about stuff that totally happened, or that happened in a movie, and you will laugh and you will cry and it will become a part of you.